Protein Engineer

In person, Cambridge, MA

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Our mission is to generate new therapeutic opportunities by advancing AI and experimental technologies for drug design. Using AI and massively parallel experimentation, we design antibodies that precisely bind the disease target at the right location, while minimizing manufacturability and toxicity risks. We are a well-funded, revenue-generating, bilingual company of wet- and dry-lab scientists, and are founded by AI and protein design experts from Harvard University.

The role

Fueled by partnerships and increasing demand for internal R&D, we will be looking to you to help scale our antibody engineering and developability measurement pipeline and apply it toward solving hard antibody design problems. This will include:

  • Designing and performing high-efficiency DNA library cloning and construction
  • Executing yeast display selections coupled to MACS/FACS and NGS to characterize libraries of protein and antibody variants
  • Optimizing therapeutic candidates in lead programs to have desired affinity and developability properties
  • Working together with our dry-lab and other wet-lab scientists to establish a rapid and seamless production and testing pipeline for characterizing machine learning generated antibody designs


  • You have a Ph.D. or equivalent accomplishments in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, or a related field
  • You have a track record of designing, implementing, and optimizing screening campaigns using yeast display
  • You have expertise in some or all of the following: MACS/FACS, NGS, BLI, SPR, ELISA, and associated data analysis
  • Well-organized, and would enjoy establishing an operationally efficient antibody characterization pipeline that works reliably
  • Problem-focused, and interested in working in a high-intensity, fast-paced environment often driven by deadlines
  • Value unblocking colleagues before yourself, and are excited to mentor/train junior colleagues